Not Clowning Around

A rodeo clown puts on a presidential mask, and places a broomstick up his back as if being propped up, to taunt the bull.  If the mask is of a white president, its consider comedy and humor.  If the mask is of a black president, its considered racism.


Legitimating Racism in America

Statistically, 95% of African Americans voted for Barack Obama in his first bid for President, 93% in his second bid.  Its hard for me to believe that 95% and 93% respectively of African Americans in this country support the Democratic policies.  Which leads me to believe a significant number voted for President Obama based on the color of his skin, legitimating racism in America.  African American’s, by their own vote, acknowledged it acceptable to be racist today.  Black people often identify white people as racists as a tool to get what they want, while internally harboring the same racist attitudes they project on others.  And these votes make it clear.

The Case for Racial Duplicity in America

A man votes for a president based on the color of his skin, attended a race based fraternity in his college, supports an organization that has an agenda of advancing the cause of his particular race, and tells his son to be a ‘proud <enter color here> man’.

If this man is white, he is a racist.  If this man is black, he’s supporting the cause of his race.